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Boarding at Saint Ronan's

Boarding at Saint Ronan’s is very well-established, having been part of the School for some 130 years!

We aim to provide a secure, friendly and family-style environment for the children. The incomparable setting of the house and grounds, as well as the community spirit that boarding engenders, provide a wonderful opportunity for children. This may be because they are wanting to gain experience for full boarding at a later date or that they simply want a chance to be with their friends overnight and have some fun.

Boarding is available from Monday night through to Thursday night, for all pupils from Year 5 upwards. Pupils in Year 4 are invited to board on Wednesday nights.

The children are looked after by Mr Fox, who lives in the school house with his wife, young family and Bramble the dog! He is assisted by a number of the teaching staff, a live-in gap student and the resident matron, M’Julie. This extended family is on hand to give care and support and to ensure that the pupils enjoy their boarding experience.

Every night the children meet for supper at 6.30pm before heading off to play. Supervised activities are on offer, or the children can enjoy having some free time. At 8pm the children wind down by showering and getting into their pyjamas. Healthy snacks are on offer and they watch TV, play table football or chat about the day. Bed times vary from 8.30pm-9pm, depending on age.

Boarding Inspection

The boarding provision is regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The most recent inspection took place in October 2013, where the quality of boarding was judged to be ‘excellent’.

Contact Us

If you wish to enquire about boarding or any other enquiry, please ask here.